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15 August 2017 Live Parade, Independence Day Red Fort Delhi Celebration, Stunts | 15 August 2016 Speech | Images

15 August 2017 Live Parade, Independence Day Red Fort Delhi Celebration, Stunts : hello friends, get the official links of Independence Day Delhi live Celebration from this site. Yes buddies, today we are back with a very useful article which helps you to connect with the Delhi Celebration of Independence day. In this post we will also give some knowledge about Independence day of India. With the help of this article you will get 15 August 2017 Live Parade of Delhi Red Fort. We celebrate our Independence Day on every 15th August. Our country Indian became Independent on 15 August 1947 from British Rular government. That’s why we celebrate that day with pomp and revelry. On this day All the schools, colleges and Government offices are on holiday. The date, 15th of August from 1947 in India has become a very important day in the Indian history. 

It was the luckiest day of year 1947 when India became independent after lots of hard struggle and sacrifices of the Indian freedom fighters. We won freedom after a hard struggle. So friends if you want to watch the live webcast of this independence day then you are in right place. Because here we are giving you 15 August 2017 Live Celebration of Red Fort Delhi. Related post : 15 August Anchoring Speech. Related Post : 15 August Modi Live Speech. When India got its independence, the public of India has chosen their first Prime Minister, Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru who had unfurled the tricolour National Flag at the Red Fort in the national capital, New Delhi for the first time. All the people rejoice this special day with great joy every year. On Independence Day our Prime minister will hoisting National Flag Tiranga on Red Fort. After that everyone sing together National Anthem in standing position.

Many amazing activities and programs are organised to make that day special. So we thought to give 15 August 2017 Live Stunts in Delhi. A big Parade was organised on this day. All types of Army of India participate in that parade. Air Force, Navy and defence both army participate in this parade and give salute to Tiranga and our Prime Minister. During the celebration at Red Fort, New Delhi many tasks including March past are performed by the Indian army and cultural events by the school students are performed. Now this time to give you the Live Webcast links of Independence Day 2017 Live Parade in Delhi Red Fort Celebration. After the national Flag hoisting and national Anthem (JANA GANA MANA) recitation, the prime minister of India gives his annual speech. Independence Day 2017 Jet Plane Stunts Videos Many of the people want to watch live celebration of Indian Independence Day which is celebrated on 15th August. Many foreigners comes in India to watch this live celebration. Air Force shows stunts with their fighter planes and release smoke of Tri colors orange, White and Green which is the color of our national flag. So you can watch the Live Video of Independence Day 2017 Jet Plane Stunts Videos of 15 August in Delhi.


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